Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Right Yellow

Behold: My Primary Kitchen Inspiration.

Of course, there is no way my kitchen can look exactly like this and frankly I wouldn't want it to, but i love the warm lightness.  I figured the best place to start would be with that creamy yellow I love too much.  A couple of weeks ago, I hunted down the names of the two designers responsible for this lovely room and one of their websites had an email.  I figured "Whats the worse that can happen? She says no."  so I asked for the name of the paint color.  Well, i never got any kind of answer.  Figures.

Then, earlier this week the Petersiks of Young House Love posted a pic of the den from their last house and it clicked.  It was almost the SAME color scheme and THANKFULLY the Petersiks share their paint colors.

The yellow is Wishes, by glidden and the white is just straight-from-the bucket white.  I immediately sent Nick out for a sample can.  

Apparently, Home Depot's sample can's are much smaller than Sherwin Williams'.  

Sorry about the crappy pic, it was soo dreary here today (oh, and we're getting 8in in the next 36 hrs).  But this yellow is much more subdued (i know it doesn't look it) than the last one and I think it might just be a keeper. we just need to find a good week or 2 to live without our kitchen.  Might be a few weeks.  

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  1. So beautiful--I would LOVE that kitchen.