Sunday, November 6, 2011

Turkey Corn Chili

1 Medium Onion, chopped
1 tbsp Canola Oil
2 cloves Minced Garlic
1 Red Bell Pepper, chopped
1+ lbs. Ground Turkey
1 1/2 c. Frozen Corn Kernels
1 32oz. Can of Diced Tomatoes
1 c. Instant Brown Rice
3 Scallions, chopped
1 tsp Poultry Seasoning
1 tbsp Paprika
1/2 tbsp Cayenne Powder
1 tbsp Cumin
2 oz Franks Red Hot
Salt & Pepper to taste
Shredded Cheddar, to top
Tortilla crumbles, to top

Saute onion, garlic & pepper in oil.
Add turkey & brown.
Add tomatoes, rice, scalions, seasonings & hot sauce.
Bring to a boil then simmer for 10 minutes.
Serve with cheese & chips on top.

I put in a little too much rice in the pic up top (I adjusted the recipe) but let me tell you, this stuff will warm you through and through.  We ate it while we sat on the porch to hand out halloween petzels and we were toasty, despite the chill in the air.


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