Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Hey folks. Sorry for the long absence.  I almost didn't realize it had been so long between the holidays and a pretty incredible head cold (which still refuses to go away).

On Thursday, after work, Nick and I removed our sink (always an unsettling prospect) and old counters.  Its a little unnerving to do something that's so hard to reverse, I won't lie but being brave enough to do it is what gives us the opportunity to make things better.
One last look

You have to undo the plumbing... 

...before you can remove the sink

And you have to remove the sink before the counters can come out

Naked cabinets!
Friday after work, we stuffed ourselves with Chinese take-out (no counters or sink) and set straight away to cutting our counters.

Once we installed a carbide-tipped finishing blade to our circular saw, the straight cuts were simple enough.  After the primary cuts were finished, we put all the pieces in place inside.

We wanted to cut the sink hole inside because we were afraid of  moving it and breaking it afterwards.  We made a cardboard mock-up of the counter so we could measure and cut the sink hole without fear of destroying our counters.  

Even so, we cut the hole a little smaller than it needed to be at first, and widened it from there.  We drilled a hole to allow the blade of Nick's new jigsaw to get started.  

Looks almost finished, right?  Well, then we disassembled it all for 2 days of waterlox application.  My only disappointment with the waterlox was that the lambswool applicators, which are what the can said to use, left fuzz in the finish giving it a little bit of texture, so its not totally smooth when you run your hands across it.  

Yesterday, we screwed the counters into the cabinets, actually installed the sink (plumbing is much easier than I thought it'd be) and caulked the seams.  Both the counters and caulk are dry, but "curing".  Aka: we can use them, but are best to be as gentle with them as can be for a few more days.  


Now it's time to start learning how to tile for our backsplash!

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