Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Garden Progress... Big Time

Last Wednesday, my hubbs rented a mini-tiller (the tiller we usually borrow is out of comission) on his way home and set out to till our garden.  I have to admit, I had serious doubts that that itty bitty tiller (unfortunately, the only rentable one that would fit in either of our cars) could make much of a dent in our huge garden.  I was POSITIVE we'd have to rent it another day.

But he prevailed and got it all done in one day.  What a hard worker.  I bet his arms were jello for a week.  But, despite the jello he set out to planting the next day.  I think at this point we have snow peas, peas, potatoes, sunflowers, cabbage, zucchini, cucumbers, lettuce and spinach planted.  The corn will go in as soon as we can make it to agway for some more seed.  That just leaves us with eggplant, peppers, tomatoes and carrots.  We always struggle to start those from seed so they're sprouting in a greenhouse box under a window in the garage.  Worst come to worse, if they still die we'll but some plants at the farmers market.

The cabbage, lettuces & peas probbly should have gone in a few weeks ago, but I finally feel caught-up garden-wise nd it feels really great.  I was starting to think we'd never get one in.  That wouldn't help my goal to can more in the slightest.    

Do you see all of those holes? She looks so proud! Maybe we should have just set the dog loose in the garden for a few days.  Who needs a tiller?

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