Friday, May 27, 2011

I Discover Awesomeness for $3.49

For those of you that haven't noticed, I can't really sew.  Sure, I can reattach a lost button if you give me an hour or so but i'll probably never be caught making my own clothes (which isn't to say I don't wish I could).  That being said, I do know my way around the fabric store.  I just usually use my fabric in conjunction with a staple gun.

My great-grandma is coming to visit this weekend.  In addition to being a font of knowledge and an incredible human being, she was something of a house flipper in her youth.  She saw my house a few weeks after we had purchased it, but I don't think she's seen it since.  The difference is huge and she's been dying to see it.  I think she's been living vicariously through the pics my pap prints off of Facebook for her.  As I understand it, she's quite tickled about my mason jar chandelier.

So, I not only have an older female relative coming to visit (or 3, cuz she'll be accompanied by my parents & grandparents), but a DIY goddess.  The prospect has driven me to tie up some loose ends around here.  Last night, we finally fixed out broken fence and I wouldn't be surprised if our living room bookcases actually have shelves and books on them by the end of the weekend.

This afternoon's loose end was the bookcase in the office.

This is AFTER I straightened & condensed a little
This bookcase is not SUPPOSED to be a permanent fixture here.  The goal is to replace it with wall shelving and baskets to organize and hide all of my crafting supplies.  Those shelves haven't come yet and it'll probably be a while longer before they get here.  In the mean time, something had to be done about the eyesore and I thought a curtain would work nicely.

Problem: It's far from a typical curtain size and I can't sew.
Solution: Iron-On hem tape.  I'd never tried it, but people on the interwebz seem to have lots of luck with it.

So, while at the fabric store (spending way too much $$ on fabric just cuz I liked it), I asked the lady at the cutting desk to point me in the direction of the Iron-On hem tape.  "Oh, it's in the notions" *points ambiguously*  ...What exactly ARE notions?  They don't even sound like tangible items.  Well, as a grumpy shelf stocker pointed out to me, apparently they're hooks and latches and bra cups and the sort of thing only people who actually know what the heck they're doing with a sewing machine use.  Why would someone assume I knew that?  I'm asking for Iron-On because I can't sew.  For that matter, why would it be kept with all the rest of that stuff for experts? Who knows... I'm hormonal and she got snippy with me.  It didn't go over well.  I picked out some stuff that said permanent, machine washable and ultra-hold.  I don't want my curtain coming apart.  I also bought wideish tape just to make sure there was enough adhesive.  My hubby says overkill is a "Manly Art", but i'm not so sure it's entirely limited to men.

When I got home, I quickly hemmed the bottom and side edges to clean them up, following the directions on the box.  I will say that letting the tape cool before you take the paper off was an important step.  If you don't, the paper will resist and rip.  Then I just hemmed the top, this time leaving a loop big enough for my spring rod to fit through.  I was done in under an hour and now i've gotten a hang of it, it'll prolly take less time next time.  In the mean time, I have discovered sheer awesomeness in roll form, it's affordable and I still have half a roll left.  Oh, the possibilities!

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