Monday, March 19, 2012

Feet First

Ok, so i stopped blogging a month and a half ago because I woke up one morning and didn't feel like it.  It's my blog and my prerogative, and I really can'y provide any explanation beyond that cuz im not sure there is.  Then I woke a couple weeks ago determined to start up again, but each time I sat down to type, I was kinda overwhelmed by the thought of catching ya'll up on the things you missed (not blogging doesn't necessarily mean doing nothing).  Therefore, I'm just gonna jump back in feet first, no looking back.  If any of the new additions wind up in future posts, I'll try to update you then.

That being said, today has two missions:

  1. To paint up an eggs for sale sign with something cute on the back for when we don't currently have eggs available.  I'm tired of trying to keep track of who around here wants them.  From now on, the first person to see the eggs available sign up and come claim the eggs gets them.  Now taking suggestions for what the "currently out of extra eggs" side should say though.  Post it in the comments..."Next Dozen Under Construction"  "Hens at Work"
  2. Ikea CLAIMS that they will be getting in 13 of the counter top pieces I need for the Island today.  I say claims, cuz last time they said that, the shipment came without my counters.  So, when they open at 10 (and every hour after, if the shipment isn't in yet) I will call to see if they have arrived. Cross your fingers, I'm TIRED of waiting for butcher block!   Oh, and I may or may not pick up some dalfred stools since I've made the trek out there.  

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