Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Last Day of "Winter"

Well, Ikea let me down...again... (raise you hand if you're surprised!) They now say that the counters I'm waiting for will be in on Thursday.  I hope it's true, but I'm not holding my breath.

Ikea aside, the last day of winter was a productive and shockingly summer-like kind of day.

I did indeed make an eggs for sale sign, and it worked too! Not 2 hours after hanging it, someone who had never bought eggs from us before knocked on the door and said "If that sign's for real, I've got $2".

Sorry about the glare, I said it was sunny yesterday!

I bent up a fork to use as a handle on the new screened pantry door in the kitchen.  We found the door in the garage and trimmed and sanded it down and painted it blue to pop a lil.  Don't mind the trim, it's gonna be painted with the cabinets.

I also wrestled our vine-style rose bush onto a trellis, but let me tell you, it sure fought back!
The rose bush before.  It would grow out so far that it couldn't support itself anymore.  

And now.  Hopefully it can thrive like this.  

And yesterday's big project was sanding down and refinishing the porch table.  It used to be my parents' kitchen table, but my mom said it was supposed to be indoor/outdoor and it landed on our porch.  2 years later, it's varnish was chipping and peeling and the table was starting to grow some crazy black mold.  Not the kinda table I want to be eating off of.  

So I took out our hand held sander and cut through all the crap,

and called Nick and asked him to pick up some clear outdoor polyurethane on his way home from work.  I was halfway through the first coat when I realized it was indoor only.  Ugh.  I put 2 coats on anyways, and tomorrow I'll pick up the good stuff, scuff it up a bit, and put 2 more coats on.  At least it'll be a well protected table!  And in the mean time, it looks a FAR cry better than before.  

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  1. I love love the blue door with the fork handle! And I wish we lived closer so I could buy eggs from you. :(