Wednesday, November 24, 2010

November Yard Work

Typically, I make a rule of stopping most outdoor projects by October, but we has a couple really beautiful weekends this November and we took advantage of them.

The first project we did was a walkway between the driveway and breezeway.  Technically, there already was one, but if you looked at the ground, you never would have known it.  The first order of business was to dig it up and locate it.

Then, I dug the extra pavers my aunt gave me out of the garage (to use in addition to the ones we dug up), made a pattern out of them and started lifting sod to put them down.  If I had wanted to get fancy, I probably should have put some gravel down for drainage (to prevent the sinking that happened to the original bricks) but we didn't have any around and I have other, bigger plans for that area in the future, but for now its enough to not get muddy getting into the car.  

Believe it or not, we didn't actually have a compost bin.  We have been composting on top of the potato patch during the summer and the rest of the garden in the off season, but this summer (with my increased compost collecting) it became too much and it was about time.  Fortunately, my grandfather runs a business that fixes and sells used pallets.  Because of their slats, they make a great compost bin.  Compost needs to breathe.  He gave is a plastic one for the bottom, so it wouldn't rot and we just made an cube open on 2 sides out of it.  Simple and  hardly complex, but it'll do.  Maybe i'll whitewash it to match the fence and maybe I won't, it might just show more dirt from stirring the compost if I do.  

Sadie says hello!

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