Saturday, October 1, 2011

Farmers Market Challenge: Week 4

I went to the farmers market with $10 and I bought...

$1 - A head of garlic from Beth the hydroponic lady (cuz I like her)

$3 - A "Magical Michael" Basil Plant
$6 - 2 Bunches of Indian corn

I know the amount was less than my goal this week, but A. I've been over-spending the last few, B. I'm almost out of jars and C. I have more farmers market-like plans for this weekend.

If you recall, Last winter i made a resolution to grow my own herbs.  I even sprouted some herb seeds...but I have still failed to have much of an herb garden, besides chives and mint that I can't even kill with a weed whacker.  This time I bought a plant and transplanted it into a spaghetti jar and put it on one of the only south-facing windowsills in the house (which, thankfully, happens to be in the kitchen.  I only hope my black thumb and I can keep it alive.  In the mean time, we enjoyed some pizza margherita last night because of it.

The indian corn is for the porch cux it's festive.  I'll share more on that when the rain slows for a bit.

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