Sunday, October 9, 2011

Playing Catch-Up By Way of Bullets

  •  Cacciatore has escaped 3x since last reported.  She's becoming quite the little escape artist.  
  • On Thursday, we received a shipment of almost 7 gallons of Blush Zinfandel juice for fermenting.  Can you say White Zinfandel for Christmas?

Let's hope it lightens as it's supposed to be a rose.  
  • Little Miss Sadie has been without a doggie bed since this spring (thank you morning sickness).  I've kept meaning to replace it, but of course I only remembered when I couldn't go shopping and forgot when I was shopping.  Well, Aldi not only had doggie beds last week, but one even matched our living room perfectly.  She seems much happier now that she has a bed again.  

Yes, that's a 2x4.  She prefers it to her more expensive toys, but it is quite messy... little bits of wood everywhere.  
  • I found a ham bone in a bag of sliced ham I defrosted this week.  I made stock from it, a quart of corn stock and a quart of water.  To it I added some bear sausage, leftover bacon, onions, corn, green peppers, half a bag of ww egg noodles, some whole wheat spaghetti nick made too much of.  I call my creation freezer confetti soup.  It kinda reminds me of my fave corn chowder tho.  No added cream, but the ham bone left it still very rich.  

  • A week after it was bought, my Magical Michael basil plant has lost all of it's leaves.  I don't blame the guy at the farmers market, it's all me.  Me and my black thumb.  Thank goodness Nick does all the gardening around here.  
  • This week at the farmers market I got an orange heirloom tomato, Organic Fair Trade Cocoa Powder from the Presbytery Ladies...and some kettle korn to munch on before yoga.  

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