Sunday, October 9, 2011

All Done

No More, no way no how.  I have filled up every jar in the house (sometimes multiple times) and bought a small fortune in more jars this year.  I am officially declaring full-blown canning season done.  That's not to say I won't still fill a jar or two here or there, but there's not a lot of harvest season left and there are even fewer jars left.

I now present to you, My Canning Cellar:

Current Contents (In Pints):

Sweet & Spicy Dill Pickles               18 pints
Boring Dill Pickles                            10 pints
Sweet Cucumber Relish                    4 pints
Bread & Butter Pickles                     10 pints
Spaghetti Sauce                                28 pints
Hot & Sweet Thai Sauce                  4 pints
Corn Salsa                                       6 pints
Food Processor Salsa                      14 pints
Low Sugar Raspberry Jam               8.5 pints
Raspberry/Blueberry Jam                 1.5 pints
Violet Jelly                                        .5 pint
Banana Butter                                  10 pints
Watermelon Jam                               9 pints
Apple Pie Jelly                                 4 pints
Apple Jelly                                       5 pints
Oktoberfest Mustard                        2 pints
Orange Vinegar Cleaner                   4 pints
Applesauce                                      11 pints
Apple Cider                                     22 pints

GRAND TOTAL                        174.5 pints


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  1. It looks amazing. You have done so well! I salute you.