Sunday, September 25, 2011

Farmers Market Challenge: Week 3D

Final installment this week, and I PROMISE next week won't be ANYWHERE near as long-winded.

I Bought that basket of apples, intending to make applesauce with them.  *Sidenote, Am I the only one that gets disappointed each time they dump the contents of a basket into a plastic bag instead of handing you the basket with the fruit, no matter how many times it happens?*  Anyways, they did indeed become applesauce (3 quarts and a pint of it).  But just like last week, I was stuck with a bowl full of peels and cores.  I still had last week's saved in the fridgs 'cuz I had hoped Nick would boil them down and make wine of them (he's done that with pears before) but I had no such luck.

As such, I boiled them down myself.  I put the cores in two pots with just enough water to cover and simmered for a few hours, 'til I thought they didn't have much left to give.  At that point, the cores kinda fell apart when hit with a spoon.  The strained juice can be used in place of apple juice in any on-the-pectin-box jelly recipe.  I had enough for two batches, one plain, one I added 1 tbsp apple pie spice.

Grand total for this farmers market trip:
7.5 Quarts Roasted Spaghetti Sauce
3 Quarts and 1 Pint of Applesauce
5 Pints Apple Core Jelly
5 Pints (not pictured) Apple (Core) Pie Jelly

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