Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Goats Milk Soap... Fail

I realized this week that I haven't made soap since last December.  I had made so much soap last fall that it was hardly a hardship, but it's getting time to start thinking about Christmas presents.  I really wanted to try fancy, luxurious soaps...with nice moulds.  No more little miss countryfied soaper.  And what is the most classic luxury soap I could think of? Goats milk with Oatmeal and Honey.

Basically, you use whatever soap recipe you like but substitute goats milk for the water.  Seems simple enough, right?  Apparently not.  What none of the recipes I read said (and I didn't learn 'til I looked it up) is that If you add the lye too quickly to goats milk... It turns VIOLENT orange... and curdles.  I'm also thinking that maybe goats milk is a cold process ingredient only, cuz as my soap cooked, orange turned to burnt sienna, and when it touched oxygen, it turned the color of poo.  But what was I to do? my soap was already cooking.  So, I finished cooking it (despite the smell of sourdough pretzel to accompany the smell of the lye cooking out).  And I poured it into my fancy new moulds....

... well, at least the new moulds look nice.  It's a shame my new fancy soap didn't.  Especially when you combine that lovely color and scent with the fact that it's still hot process and... textured... on the other side.  

Yum... hexagonal, pretzel-scented poo.  I think next time I'd be best off sticking with what I know.  

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  1. Honestly, yours still turned out better than my first (and to date ONLY) go at goat's milk soap, which by the way WAS cold process. As I think I mentioned before, my effort was a bury it in the backyard sort of disaster. In comparison, yours is super star quality.