Friday, September 23, 2011

Farmers Market Challenge: Week 3A

This week's FMC will be brought to you in three parts because I actually got a chance to hang out and take pictures and talk to folks this week.

First Thing's First:

I went to the farmers market with $27 (notice how the number keeps going up?  I swear it's not intentional) and I bought:

Half a Bushel of Tomatoes: $10
I spread them out so they don't over-ripen on me overnight
Quarter Bushel of Ida Red Apples: $12

2 Heads of French Garlic: $2
A Small Bag of Kettle Korn: $2.50
(It may have gotten eaten before it could have it's picture taken)

My Plan: LOTS of Spaghetti sauce and Applesauce and maybe a little bruschetta.  More on that to come later in the day or even tomorrow.  

Stay Tuned for Parts B & C later this weekend!

While you're waiting, Check out the first two weeks of the FMC:

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