Sunday, September 18, 2011


We got our first green egg on Monday.  We didn't really expect a second on Tuesday or Even Wednesday.  There's no use rushing a new layer.  But when there was no egg on Thursday or Friday, I was starting to get concerned.  Chickens can get "egg constipated" and it's something I was hoping to never have to deal with.  Then on Saturday, she brought forth EGGZILLA!!!!

Run for your lives!!!

It's going to eat your children!!!

Thankfully, Eggland sent in it's best people to rescue us from it, and turn it into pancakes this morning.  

At first it looked as though they might have a Siamese egg on their hands, but further investigation revealed that was just the slope of the bowl and the yolks were totally separable.  

And all was well with the world.  I'd show you a picture of the pancakes, but they got eated.  

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