Friday, December 16, 2011

They've Arrived!

After much anticipation, and a few estimated delivery date delays, my counters were scheduled to arrive between 8 and noon yesterday.  At 10:30, I got a call saying they'd be there in 30 minutes.  At 10:55, I got a call saying their GPS said they were .5 miles from my house, but couldn't get under the railroad overpass on the road they were on.  Ugh, IKEA.  This is what you get for sending a semi-, when a pick-up would do.  I told them that I could give them directions around, but that it was by no means short.  As a matter of fact, it'd be 27 miles of detour.  They said their GPS thought it knew a better way.  Apparently it didn't, because they wound up calling back for my detour's directions.

Thankfully though, my counters did eventually arrive and the delivery guys didn't seem too too upset.

Aren't they purty?  We'll hafta wait a few days for them to acclimate to the specific humidity level of our house and by then it'll be to close to Christmas to really get into it.  Why is it that after Christmas always equals construction season here?  Maybe because it also equals blizzard season.  

As luck would have it, my VOC Compliant Waterlox was also delivered yesterday (as were my new iPhone covers and my new glasses, exciting day).  Now I just need to get Nick to remove our sink from the apartment and we'll be all set.

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