Thursday, December 1, 2011

More Frugal than Green

Nick's work Christmas party is this coming weekend,and I didn't have a thing to I had to go shopping, darn.  I tried on my new outfit and was feelin' all sexy in it... but my hair was lookin' really scraggly.  That's hasn't had so much asa trim for a year and a half (shame on me).

Sometimes blogger insists on sideways pictures.  You can only resist so much.  

My solution? (And I acknowledge that it only works for those of us with despicably simple haircuts)  Call my neighbor Travis (of clove-oil-for-his-toothache fame).  He used to work in the fashion industry many moons ago and before that he worked in his grandma's salon, and he cuts his whole family's hair, and all i needed was a simple trim, and he owes me one, so there!
Ok Blogger, I get it...Travis can be right-side up, but I can't.  
And he expertly snip snipped away and now my hair is a littleshorter, but MUCH healthier looking.  The cost? The salad I fixed for his adorable daughter yesterday? lol, the best part of neighbors is there isn't a score card... you just help each other.


  1. Very fun outfit. Man, I need a trim badly, too. Would love to see a picture of how long your hair is now! And boo on blogger ... I love the new look but it's still got its bugs, for sure...

  2. I'll hafta have nick take a pic for you sometime. The longest parts were touching the waistline of my jeans before Travis came over. Even with me on the bar stool, he cut from the floor. It's prolly 2/3 down my back now. I'll take the length loss for a healthier look anytime though.