Monday, February 14, 2011

Your Friendly Neighborhood Greenie to the Rescue!

Got a text from my neighbor Travis tonight saying he has a toothache and wondering if I knew any home remedies until he could have it looked at.

*Rewind* Last summer, while visiting my good friend Ken and his wife in Virginia, Ken made us a chicken dish that contained clove.  In his defense, it was a tasty combination but his use of the spice was a tad heavy handed and by the end of the meal our tongues were so numb that it was starting to affect our speech.

*Fast Forward*  I returned a text suggesting that he chew on a whole clove.  Then, it occurred to me that I have clove essential oil in my soap supplies.  If clove is so powerful, then the oil must work even better*!  Many sites suggest using just a drop and rubbing it on the affected area.  Travis reports that the oil is working splendidly and presented instant relief.

*Please note that essential oils are not approved for internal use and some can have very harmful effects when ingested.  I am not a doctor, just sharing what works.

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  1. So I guess I shouldn't have swallowed a bunch of essential clove oil for my tummy ache? :)