Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Weekend in Construction

We've lived in this house for 3 Februaries (Februarys?).  We closed on Jan 31, so the 1st Feb was spent painting and unpacking,  but last Feb we hung drywall in the kitchen & today we hung (quite a bit less) drywall in the livingroom.


  • We moved one of the arms of the "cross" so that it will hit a stud.  
  • We installed boxes for the new outlets.  They were so cool and well thought out.  The ones for attaching to a stud came with nails already attached at the perfect angle, all you had to do was nail them in.

  • Nick dry-wired the boxes, then it was too dark to work with the fuse off.    
  • Nick live-wired the two wall boxes (the fireplace will have to wait until after the drywall is done, but i made him put the face plate on it so i could see what it'd look like).  
  • Hardware store trip!
  • Cut outlet box holes & drill conduit holes in the drywall.  
  • Drill through 2 2x4s and the floor for the conduit that will lead to the basement.  It took 2 charges of our poor little hand drill to get the whole way through.  
  • While the drill was occupied, I peeled off our old sticker house number (that was so faded I had to color it in last year) and replaced it with the shiny new one we bought at the hardware store.  
  • Attached conduits to the drywall
  • Hung Drywall

During the week, we'll spackle it (and let it dry & spackle again) then we're just left with wainscoting, crown moulding and paint.  I can see it coming together and I love it!

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