Saturday, February 19, 2011


It's never easy to pick wall colors for your house and I'm particularly bad at it.  Or at least it feels that way.  Most people choose colors so close to white that they're almost indistinguishable, but I have to be an individual, even in my faults.  I have the habit of choosing over-saturated colors.  That habit turned out well for me in the dining room (or so I feel, i'm certainly no design expert) but not so well in our bedroom.  I like the color, but I really think it's too saturated.  Knowing that I have this tendency, I am wary of the upcoming painting of two rooms.  Last winter, I had put two paint samples on the living room wall (Valspar Jekyll Club Veranda Blue and Valspar Montpelier Wedgewood) and I've been staring at them ever since.  The one on the right is definitely lighter, and my preference of the two but I was concerned that it was still too dark.

Yesterday, I picked up a sample of Georgian Revival Blue at Sherwin Williams and put it on a different wall with Montpelier Wedgewood.  It was darker and greener and not at all what I was looking for, but it wasn't a complete loss.  Putting the other blue on a different wall reminded me how light it really is.  I think I might Just stick with it.

I also picked up a whole bunch of paint chips for the kitchen and a sample of the color I found most promising.  Thus far, I have liked it in every light I have seen it in.  

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  1. Nice blues! Ugh, I hear you on the difficulty choosing, though. I really am at a loss re what color to paint our bedroom. I've considered sage, yellow, deep red and don't think any of them are right. It has to go with a soft warm lavender we purchased for the bathroom, but I kind of wish somebody else would just pick for me!