Sunday, February 20, 2011

Too many Drawers, Not Enough Drawers, Just Right!

3 years ago, my aunt gave us an old set of Ikea dressers.  One was a 3-drawer night stand and the other was a 5-drawer tower dresser.  A couple of weeks ago, Nick cut the tower down so that it matched the night stand and now we have matching night stands instead of my rubbermaid drawers with a Cracker Barrel checkerboard on top.

Nick's Night Stand                My Night Stand
Pretty Close, huh?
The Extra Drawers

 Very shortly after we bought our house, we bought the Island that currently resides in our kitchen on craigslist.  It may or may not be too big, but we like it.  However, it was made from an old sink cabinet and there was only one small drawer that actually functions.  I tried to cram all of my kitchen gizmos into it, but they just didn't fit and some had to be exiled to the pantry.  On Thursday, after the purchase of my new in-drawer butcher block, Nick finally turned the fake drawer front into a drawer for me!

He used the ply-wood from the window seat for the sides and paneling from the bookcase back for the bottom.  Nails AND wood glue to hold it all together.  

He made rails for the gliders (which we swiped off of one of the leftover dresser drawers) out of scrap wood and we were ready to go.  Or so we thought.  Apparently, we didn't take in to account the width of the gliders when determining the drawer size so we had to cut a notch into the cabinet.  Thankfully, not bigger than the drawer face.  

The gliders were a little small and not designed to be re-used so it's a little bit of a rough pull, but the drawer is majorly sturdy and now my gizmos have a home AND it was free.  Now, to make a block for my everyday knives.  

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