Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Gettin' Excited About Chickens

I got paid this week, and unlike the last few, i didn't already have this paycheck pre-spent on construction (don't worry, we're still constructing!) so I decided to do a little shopping ahead for my chicks.  I KNOW they won't be here 'til April, but it never hurts to be prepared and I'm excited.

First I went to Tractor Supply Co. and bought some chick feeders and a heat lamp.  *tangent* When we bought Sadie as a puppy, we bought her a set of dog bowls that were big enough that she could use them her entire life, despite the fact that she could sit in them.

That strategy, however, doesn't work for chicks because they're so tiny when we get them that they're too short to reach.  Also, the bulb I got for the heat lamp is red because I read that the white lamp can make it hard for them to sleep.  The heat lamp will actually do double duty and keep the chickens warm in the winter months.

Then, I went to agway and ordered a bag of organic starter feed and a bag of organic layer feed.  More on that when it arrives.  

*Tangent #2* 
When I was making dinner tonight (more to come on that) I forgot about some potatoes I had baking and one exploded.  Good thing the pizza stone lives in the oven.  


  1. I love chicks! Although I assume you have more purpose for them than to give them back to the farm when they get bigger. When I was little, my aunt always got chicks in the (spring?) and we'd be able to coo over them and play with their cute fuzzy selves. Never once turned us off the idea of eating them though.

  2. I'm glad to hear that! Thats one of my biggest worries 'cuz i plan on them nurturing us, first through their eggs then through their flesh. Thanks for stopping by!