Sunday, February 13, 2011

Long Time, No Post

Sorry about that.  The last week was less than noteworthy, until today.

I put my buttermilk to use in buttermilk ranch, buttermilk pancakes with walnuts & chocolate chips & biscuits for my chicken'n'biscuits.

Speaking of chicken'n'biscuits, today, day 5, we were about set to have it for the 3rd time and discovered this:
Needless to say, I'll be making this in smaller batches next time and i really had to think on my feet for dinner tonight. So much for my one week food rule.  How long do you tolerate leftovers?

I made sausage last night but i wasn't in the mood to make patties out of it, so i pressed it flat into a sheet pan covered in a silicone sheet.  After I baked it, I used a pizza cutter and cut it into sandwich-sized squares. I was baking them to use in my fancy toaster, but it'd probably work even if you didn't bake it.  

So, that was my non-exciting week.  Stay tuned for some construction updates and a mini-series on green burial practices.  


  1. re. tolerating leftovers . . .
    I LOVE them, but John really doesn't, so I usually end up eating them bit by bit for lunches. If it's something freezable, though, I stick it in yogurt containers in the freezer for the future! He doesn't seem to think it's leftovers if it's been frozen for at least a week. ;-)

    I also end up making half-batches of food a lot.

    So sorry your chicken molded, though; that's awfully sad!

  2. I'm SO glad Nick doesn't mind leftovers. I only make 3 meals a week and we rotate them around (plus pizza night on Friday). I love to cook, but my work schedule would not tolerate making something different every night (or my grocery budget, for that matter). 3 nights for the chicken'n'biscuits was a bit much, but it was a new recipe and i didn't read ahead enough to realize how much it made. In the future i'll put it into 2 9x9s and freeze one for another week. It's been a while since i've done that, but we're finally starting to regain freezer space from garden veggies and the bear so we could probably handle it.