Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Breakfast Sandwiches

I have been fortunate enough to live a relatively addiction-free life.  You might say my biggest vice is overeating, or maybe the combination of potatoes and oil.  You would be right on both counts, of course, but those are both very broad statements.  If I had to name my one biggest vice, it would be a Sausage Egg & Cheese McBiscuit with lots of Hashbrowns.  Not Burger King's alternative (their hashbrowns, while innovatively bite-sized,  have a funny texture) or Wendy's (the sausage is too strong).  McDonalds.  Let's just leave it to say that I am perfectly aware how NOT chemical-free and environmentally friendly McDonalds is.  It doesn't matter.

In an effort to save my waist-line, my low-chemical intentions, my time, gas and the environment, I have been working on home alternatives.

Buttery Biscuit
Alternatives Considered: Make my own white flour buttery biscuit, make my own whole wheat not-so-buttery biscuit, homemade bread, bought bread, homemade bagels, bought bagels, homemade english muffins, bought english muffins
Current Favorite: Thomas' Hearty Grains 100% Whole Wheat English Muffin

Folded Sheet of Egg?
Alternatives Considered: Omelette, Fried Egg (with and without draining yolk), "Scrambled Pattie", Microwaved, Microwave Poached, Classic Poached, Steam Poached
Current Favorite: Steam Poached Organic Eggs

Cheddar? Cheese
Alternatives Considered: Slice Cheddar, Brick Cheddar hand-shredded and tossed with cornstarch, Pre-shredded Cheddar, Organic pre-shredded Cheddar
Current Favorite: Organic Pre-shredded Cheddar

Processed Pork Sausage Pattie
Alternatives Considered: Bought Processed Pork pattie, natural pork links, natural pork pattied, bought turkey patties, homemade turkey patties
Current Favorite: Homemade Turkey Patties, Baked

Then my mom, knowing both my love for the Egg Sandwich & My love for all gadgets, kitchen or not, raised the bar.  She got me a toaster that also steam-poaches or hard-boils eggs & warms pre-cooked breakfast meat.

I'm not gonna say that this keeps me from McDonalds entirely, but it makes it a lot easier to only go there on Grocery day when I'm already in town, provided i get my but moving early enough to be ready to shop and in town during breakfast hours.  

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