Thursday, December 30, 2010

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie

... he is going to ask for a glass of milk.

If you buy me a house, I am going to want more closet space.

If you find wood floors while putting in new closets, I am going to want to restore them.

If you restore the wood floors, I am going to want a Victorian Livingroom with built-in bookcases.

In order to get a Victorian livingroom with built-in bookcases, I am going to want to rip out kitchen cabinets.

If you rip out kitchen cabinets, I am going to want to buy a circular saw to make them fit in the Livingroom.

If you buy a circular saw, I am going to want you to put up a pot rack with recycled pegboard from the garage.  
If you install a pegboard pot rack, I am going to want a trip to ikea for pot lid racks and brackets for the shelves that are going to replace the cabinets.  

My poor hubby had no idea what he was getting himself into when he bought me a house.  

Oh, and since we're clearly demolishing the kitchen & livingroom simultaneously, i had better share my kitchen moodboard:


  1. such cute/fun ideas! did you know i work at IKEA?? we sell butcherblock countertops, farmsinks, and much much more as you probably know :) have fun!

  2. I didn't know you work at Ikea. Are you working on new years day? I plan on swinging by on the way to see my parents. I actually do plan on getting my butcher block counters there, as well as shelving brackets and pot lid racks. We actually own 2 double drainboard sinks like the one in the bottom right corner. One is in use in our apartment right now and in decent shape and I plan on re-enameling the other. I'm not sure if i'll steal the one in the apt and put the re-enameled one up there, or if i'll just use the re-enameled one in our kitchen. I guess it depends on how it turns out and if we have a tenant at the time.