Monday, December 20, 2010

The Mending Begins

The summer after we bought out house, we cut down 9 trees in the span of two days.  One of them crushed a length of out fence.  This past summer, during the unfortunate incident that also claimed my neighbor's house, two more lengths of our fence were claimed.  Where our fence stops, the remainder of our property was bordered by enormous, towering hedges... that we pulled out.  Needless to say, our fence is in sorry shape.

If we're gonna have chickens and a dog that has free reign of the yard, we will not only need to fix what we have done to our fence, but extend it considerably AND put up some strong wire mesh (since our current fence won't actually keep the puppy in) AND install some gates so we can get in and out.  

A couple of weeks ago, my father-in-law disassembled a project made of wolmanized lumber what was still in fine shape and gave us the wood.  Fortunately, it was similar enough to our fence wood that it could be used.  I was thrilled!  I wanted to get straight to work.  Of course, it was freezing cold and we had to call it quits after a few hours (presumambly 'til spring) but we did get one, VERY LARGE gate put in.  

I fully admit to laziness (and wanting to conserve our few 4x4s) where this gate is concerned.  We went to the hardware store and picked up a few extra screws and some hinges & a  latch and went to work.  (don't ya just love how I say "we", but i'm the one behind behind the camera while the hubbs works?)

After this point, my hands were too cold and it was snowing enough for me to be concerned for my camera, but not bad right? I'm just glad that the hinges could handle it and it doesn't scrape the ground.  It'll need taken down again when we finish the fence to be painted, but it's wolmanized so it can wait.  

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