Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year, New Projects

Ok, so we couldn't wait for the new year to start on the kitchen and livingroom right after Christmas, but here is what we did after a considerable lie-in today:

Installed the pot lid racks we purchased at IKEA yesterday.
The panini press lid for my iron grill pan gave me fits trying to get it to stay on the rack,  Eventually, the s-hooks I bought that go with the rack kept it looking a little more like a regular lid, though still crooked.  

We started sanding and spackeling the wall that used to have cabinets on it.  

We cut the biggest cabinet in half so they'll all fit in the living room.  

We removed all of the baseboards that would be affected by the bookshelf.  Some of them will stay gone & some will be cut down and replaced.  

I hammered a huge hole in the wall so we could move an outlet.  I have no doubt there are much better ways to have done this, but we weren't worried about the wall.  It'll be covered up.  

Unfortunately, doing so confirmed what I'd always assumed.  Our exterior walls have no insulation.  I can't tell you how tempted I was to smash the whole wall out, re-insulate it, and rebuild it.  We have quite enough on our plates for the time being.  Books will have to be insulation enough.  
That wood there is the exterior of my house.  Grrr......

We also made the shopping list for the next stages.  

3   1x12x8
1   1x12x10
2   4x8 Sheets of paneling
A TON of 1x2 furring strips
Wood Glue
Joint Compound
6 ft Electrical wire
Short Screws
Long Screws

We're gonna be BUSY!

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