Saturday, January 15, 2011

Are you tired of hearing about bookcases yet?

Cuz I sure am tired of the sawdust in my livingroom.

Remember those furring strips we put up? We put them up so that we could anchor them to the studs and the bookcases to them.  We also realized that it would be less expensive to cover furring strips with paneling than to screw plywood to the walls, so thats what we did:

The one on the left was much harder to put up than it looks thanks to that darn finicky outlet.

Then we cut 1x10s to size for the bookshelves and carted them off to the in-law's house.  They have a drill press.

We measured.

We drilled.

We were fed a wonderful steak dinner and the dog got some quality play time in the snow with her furry aunts.  

This morning, we made 2 "Us"  and very carefully put them on top of the cabinets.  (Without being attached to anything more structural, there is the chance of splitting the wood at the joint)  Then we attached them to the wall with L brackets via the furring strips (carefully hidden under paneling).  

Whadda ya think?  As bookshelves, they could be finished (construction-wise) right now.  They're ready to receive their shelves, but I have some prettification plans for them, as well as the addition of a window seat.

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