Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mastering the Art of French Cooking: Potage Parmentier

aka: Leek & Potato Soup
pgs. 37-38

2qt Water
3-4 c. Peeled & Diced Potatoes
3 c. Thinly Sliced Leeks
1 Tbsp. Salt (I thought this was WAY too much and won't be putting nearly as much in next time)
4 to 6 Tbsp. Whipping Cream

Prepare potatoes & leeks, remembering that leeks are a veggie that gets rinsed AFTER it has been sliced.  

Simmer Potatoes, Leeks & salt in water for 45 minutes (I added carrots too).  

Julia said to put it all through a food mill after simmering, but I don't own a food mill and I kinda thought as a stand-alone soup, it'd be just fine chunky.  This soup is intended to also serve as the base for other more complicated ones.  In those cases, a food mill may make more sense.  

Just before serving, add cream and top with parsley.  

It was extremely flavorful, despite the only seasoning being salt (and parsley at the tail end).  THe salt was way too much for me, in the future i'll add considerably less.  The cream made the whole sooup taste like butter. Yum.  I'm sure it would have been good without the cream too, for those who are wary of it.  Just not quite as filling.  

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  1. That looks delightful! I've gotta give it a try!