Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It Snowed Today. A Lot.

And I dunno why, but snowy days are always productive ones around here.

 Last night Nick & I cut down a sheet of plywood so that today, while he was at work, I could tackle a bit of moulding and such on the bookcases.  I started with one of the pieces of plywood, using a pen and string as an enormous compass.  Unlike the kitchen shelving however, the center of my circle fell outside of my lumber.

As such, I had a more difficult time drawing my circle.

I was able to get half of it how I liked it, so I saved the cut piece and used it as the template for both the other half of this arch and both sides of it's counterpart.  The cuts were by no means perfect, but some creative sander work improved them greatly.  

After cut and sanded, I tacked the rounded ply-wood up and moved on to moulding and rosettes.  On the Inside walls, that was fairly straightforward, but the side of the rosettes that hit the walls needed to be trimmed, as the rosettes slightly overhang the moulding, which is flush with the wall.  

Whadda ya think?  Aside from crown molding and wainscoting, the bookshelves are pretty much finished being constructed, and those things will have to wait for the rest of the room to catch up.  

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