Thursday, January 6, 2011

Open Shelving

Before we get on to this post's main attraction, I want to show you what my livingroom looked like yesterday... before I started cutting and covered it in sawdust (which btw, makes wood floors quite slippy).
Typical construction zone

Christmas tree still in construction zone.  I guess I should take care of that sometime soon...

Anyways, yesterday morning I took those 3 1x12x8' boards from the lumber list, used 2 pens and some string as a compass and rounded the ends off.  It's been some time since I used a power saw by myself and the little scroll saw was good for easing me back into it.  I used our hand-held electric sander to clean the cuts up.  

When Nick got home, we used the table saw to cut some grooves into the boards for plates.  

Then we tacked furring strips on the back (except where the brackets would be) both for strength and so the boards could hug the wall more tightly.  I spent today priming the wall and the boards and putting my dishes back.  Primer is going to be the official paint color for my kitchen until all of our little kitchen projects are done and we can finally get around to painting.  

The kitchen still needs some cleaning, but not bad for the time being I think.  

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