Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bookcase Update: I am a Router Superhero

Earlier this week, we glued and tacked boards to the open ends of the cabinets we cut in half.  They'll act both as spacers and as reinforcement, since we did cut them in half.  

This weekend, we sanded the edges and cut 1x12s for the countertop.  Then we tackled routering the edges. Once we figured out which way you run the boards through, we learned 2 very important things:

1. Routers are MESSY!
2. I am a router superhero! and, well, Nick definitely isn't.  

After I went through quite the pile of practice pieces, I tackled routering the countertops and tacked them to the cupboards.  Then we found the studs and hung some furring strips on the wall.  

It's starting to shape up, I think :)

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