Thursday, January 27, 2011

Why I Can't Wait For Spring

You know, on the whole I'm a Fall/Winter kinda gal.  I love the leaves and smells of autumn and the light of winter.  I know, it's odd to associate light with the darkest time of year, but there is something so cheerful about light bouncing off of the snow.  Also, as much as I like to be outside, I really HATE warm weather.

Given that, you can imagine my surprise when, staring out at the beautiful falling snow this afternoon, I found myself wishing for spring.

I want to be out in my yard.  I want to plant a garden and reap it's fruit.  I want to fix my fence.  I want to watch Nick cut the grass.  I want my chicks to get here so they can start laying eggs for me.  I want to finish painting the trim on the house green.  I want to stop struggling to find things to put on my blog.

Yup, It seems like winter is construction time here at living from scratch and summer is greenie time.  We have started to map out next year's garden so hopefully I can share that soon, but other than that I'm at a loss.  Does anyone out there in cyberland have any snowed-in greenie tips? I love feedback!


  1. No snowed-in greenie tips, I'm afraid. Still summer here. Sweltering in Northland, New Zealand today. We had a Category 2 hurricane go through last night and the whole of the North Island was steaming after it passed through.

    Thanks for having my blog on your Favorite Blogs list!

  2. Have you ever researched/looked into tapping trees for sap to boil into syrup? The most common, of course, is maple...but you can also do hickory, poplar, and a few others. That's something that you can do around this time of year, and it's not too expensive to get started in (taps are about $1.50/each, and we just use milk jugs to collect the sap).

  3. My parents have maple trees... *Googling* Thanks Cristy!