Sunday, August 15, 2010

Products I Like: Dryer Balls

5025 dryer balls 

These little guys are great on the body, environment & your wallet.  The concept is simple: toss them into the dryer and they bounce around and lift and separate the clothes.  This decreases drying time (saving on electric or gas bill) and eliminates the need for both dryer sheets and fabric softener.  Talk about a money saver! and they only need to be replaced every few years.  Also, I'm not usually one for fear-mongering, but there are some truly frightening carcinogens and even narcotics in dryer sheets, amongst other nasty chemicals.  Since the dryer is the end of the cleaning process, they don't get washed away.    If you miss having scent added to your clothes in the drying process, you can toss in a sachet of herbs or put a drop or two of essential oil on a wash cloth. 


  1. I got mine at the grocery store (Giant Eagle, but you don't have them) The ones I got are "As seen on TV" so anywhere that has those kind of things might be a good place to look. Of course, you can get them online too. has them, though its by no means the only place.