Sunday, August 15, 2010

Shampoo FAIL

I'm almost out of shampoo and since, admittedly, my hair has always been my greatest vanity, I was eager to find a chemical-free solution that didn't compromise it.  I did a ton of Internet research.  It was obvious pretty quickly that loosing shampoo altogether in favor of baking soda & vinegar just wasn't my cup of tea.  Many of the shampoo recipes I found involved liquid castile, so I made some in preparation and started concocting. 

My hair tends to run normal to oily.  Chamomile and honey nourish and condition and rosemary is good for oily hair. I mixed up a 1/4 c. of very strong chamomile & rosemary tea and mixed it & some honey into the liquid castile and hopped in the shower.  It was so liquid that I couldn't get a lather out of it.  Of course lather doesn't actually clean, but most people would agree that some amount of lather is needed to get the soap around to all of your hair.  I reached for the liquid castile.  It lathered, but left my hair feeling "squeaky" after rinsing.  Afterwards, my hair was dry & felt like I had soap build-up, so I put it in a bun. 

I decided to try a mayonnaise conditioner before I washed, since it felt so dry.  I used an egg yolk, coconut oil, and lime juice.  Unfortunately, making mayonnaise is exactly as hard as I've heard it is, so it was more of a oil & egg mix than mayo.  It took days just to get it out.  I tried mixing baking soda into liquid castile and it lost it's sud.  I wound up using regular bar soap because it cleaned the best.  We have hard water (as does everyone in swpa), which makes the scales of your hair stand on end, so I tried a vinegar rinse to make them lay flat. 

At the end of almost a week, I couldn't wait to get out my bottle of chemical-ridden shampoo.  I have by no means given up (I have a batch of shampoo bars curing as we speak), but it is tabled for more experimentation. 

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