Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Not all GNC’s are Created Equal

Until i started this green little experiment, I had never set foot in a GNC.  It seemed like a place for the muscle-bound and gullible.  I probably would have never set foot in one, except that I read around the interwebz that GNC sell essential oils.  The only GNC I was *consciously* aware of in Washington, was the on in the mall.  I went to the GNC in the mall, and it was exactly as i expected.  A body-builder store with a grand total of 4 varieties of essential oil.  I didn't think any more about it until Nick & I went to Giant Eagle at midnight this weekend and, as we were driving by, I spotted the big red lights of an (obviously closed) GNC.  I knew it was there.  I drive by it a couple times a week, and I never thought about it.  This GNC was a whole 'nother planet! It's walls were lined with the usual vitamins, but front & center was basically an organic pantry!  All sorts of stuff, some of which i was having a hard time finding, right in front of me, not to mention probably 30+ varieties of essential oil. It wasn't all food either, there was also a very nice selection of personal care items.  Guess who has a new customer?!?!

Extra Bonus: Pictures of my newly moved laundry room. 



Basically, an empty mud room with cupboards at the end. 


Once Sadie is old enough, her crate will be replaced by a bench & coat hooks and an elevated shoe shelf (since I'm not sure she'll ever outgrow her love of shoes!  That's why they're on the counter)

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  1. Nice DYI job! Looks like it turned out very well. Nothing feels as good as finishing a job like that and seeing how perfectly it turns out. :)