Wednesday, October 27, 2010


There is a lot of controversy in the Christian world.  I get why and I'm not here to debate it.  My family has always "celebrated" Halloween, though in an extremely mild way.  To me it's nothing more than a time for costume parties and carved pumpkins.  An opportunity to dress up and be creative? Count me in.  (Actually, I don't think we're gonna have an opportunity to dress up this year... darn) 

I'm one of those obsessive pumpkin carvers, with print outs and nails to poke holes in the pumpkin and my entire butcher block out on the porch, along with a power drill.  I still did that this year, but I decided to keep things a little simple, classy if you will.  I'm not sure how I did with that. 

Our initials and house number. 

A luminary and Nick's "Cut First, Think Later" pumpkin (whose mouth I had to prop open because of the weight of the pumpkin). 


These are some ones I did in college.



And these are last year's.  I guess home ownership has made me try to do simpler things with my pumpkins. 

My big dilemma this year was what to pass out to trick-or-treaters.  I figured that if i'm gonna do this thing right, I should try to encourage the kids in my neighborhood to eat well, but I didn't want to be a scrooge about it and just hand out fruit.  That'd have been seriously expensive anyways.  Middle-of-nowhere though we live, we had 120 kids last year.  Also, the news has parents so paranoid about fruit and people putting pins and stuff in it.  Halloween paranoia also pretty much leaves out baking my own treats too.  It's such a shame that parents have to be so worried.  I looked in to buying organic candy (i was thinking gummy bears maybe) but it was way expensive.  What's a girl to do?  I got 3 40 packs of pretzel bags.  At least they won't give them a cavity.  I dunno that i'm happy with it, but there you have it. 

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