Monday, October 25, 2010

Past Projects: The Laundry Room & Office

Like many older houses, ours came with a couple quirks.  One of the bigger quirks was what I referred to as "The world's biggest mud room" when it still existed.  It was a porch turned kitchen, then left without much of a purpose when the kitchen got moved again.  I swear the kitchen has been in almost every room on my first floor. 



After we did most of the floors on the first floor, we recycled some of the livingroom carpet to cover the back half of the room. 

We moved the office furniture in, and put some shelving up and voila!  I'd like to someday replace that free-standing bookshelf with shelving of the same kind, only spaced farther apart with bigger baskets on it. 


You wouldn't believe what we went through to get these shelves up.  Never did find the studs on our walls. 


This shelf is now white and it gets tons of use! This window is one of only two south-facing ones in the whole house.  Good place to put a plant, if only i could keep one alive. 


The other half, we transformed (functionally) into a laundry room this summer.  It still needs quite a bit in the aesthetics department though.

Those hanging cabinets resided in that spot some time ago.  We found them in one of the garages and re-hung them.  We also cut the countertop and rearranged the lower cabinets. 


Once Sadie doesn't need her crate anymore, I'm going to put a bench with coat hooks where it is now.  (Lookie at the office table, it looks like i had been soaping when this pic was taken)


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