Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Some Ideas for House Guests

We've got quite a bit of extra space in my house (room to grow, I like to think of it).  Until our fam does some of that growing, I've been putting together three guest rooms.  I know it's silly for people who live so far from anything interesting, but it makes me feel like that space has purpose (and I LOVE guests).  This past weekend, we had our first official, pre-planned house guest.  I'm not gonna lie, I spent 2 weeks scouring the Internet for ideas on things you can do to make your guests comfortable that applied to our situation and budget.  Here are some of the small touches I came up with. 


I left out a full set of towels (which match my bathroom, if not the guest room), a travel-size bar of my homemade grapefruit soap, a basket of mini travel toiletries i'd been collecting and some dog treats.  The dog treats my sound a little nuts but I have a young, big dog who can be a bit overwhelming.  She is friendly as can be, but doesn't understand that knocking you over in her rush to see you won't always be perceived as friendly.  Luckily, she is also extremely food motivated and I thought treats would be a helpful survival tool. 


I left a glass and a pitcher of water for her.  Ironically, she didn't notice it while she got settled and asked me for it before she turned in.  I felt so prepared to inform her that her room was already stocked, and she felt less weird.  Apparently, other people she had stayed with thought it odd. 

Beside the bedside table, I left an EASY-TO-USE alarm clock, Bible, Devotional, and some current magazines.  I also left a light close enough to the bed that it could be turned off without tripping over things. 


I draped an extra blanket over the foot of the bed, incase she got cold.  I also left some candied almonds and a note on the bed.  The note was a short survival guide to my house.  Most of it had to do with my dog, but it also included where to find extra toilet paper, how to work the window... anything I could think of that she'd want. 

I moved a dining room chair upstairs.  I know it isn't exactly a cushy reading chair, but we sort of have a shortage of those in my house.  I also left out tissues and a pen and paper for my guest. 

Unfortunately, this was a very short visit, she left at 5am.  Typically, I would make breakfast for my guest but that was just a little too early for me.  Instead, I made a batch of Pancake & Sausage Muffins inspired by Heavenly homemakers, though instead of their intricate pancake recipe I used my whole-wheat bisquick pancake recipe.  That way, she could reheat them in the am and top with agave and/or syrup and I didn't feel bad about not cooking.  

Hope these tips help!

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  1. And the houseguest had a wonderful time :-)