Saturday, August 13, 2011


I'm just speechlessly ecstatic.  I'm so proud of my girls.  I don't know which laid today, so im just gonna be proud of all of them!

Ok, story:  I checked the coop yesterday, no eggs.  Nick moved the tractor today and checked the coop around 4, still no eggs.  At 8, I finally get the bug up my but to provide my girls with a nest box (a foot tub with hamster bedding in it) and go out to put it in the coop.  I open my specially designed egg hatch to set it in, since the girls were already upstairs for the night and i almost set their new nest box on two (admittedly tiny) brown eggs!  Well, I guess that rules out Peep and General Tso as being the culprits.

I wiped them off a little with a dry paper towel, not wanting to clean them too hard and remove their protective oil.  

I put them in one of our egg cartons (we've been hoarding them for some time)

...and then I went and showed the neighbor kids, who were pretty pumped.  

I think in the morning I'll poach them.  That seems to me the best way to experience them in their purest state.  

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