Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Questions, Questions

Well folks, i've been meaning to freshen up around here for some time.  What do you think about the new look?

This afternoon, I decided to pull out a LARGE slab of bear that has been making me nervous.  It's huge, crusted in ice, and labled "Capicola Ham".  Like the lunchmeat?  Do you think it's already cooked, or will i need to cook it?  If it needs cooked, how on earth does one go about that? How does one slice their own lunch meat?  Is there any other way to eat bear capicola, besides between bread?  The internet has apparently never even heard of bear capicola and can't answer any of my questions.  Oh internet, how rarely you fail me so!  Get ready for an adventure! know, in a few days when it's all defrosted.

Preparations are well under way for our yearly corn roast so stay tuned to hear more about that too.


  1. I like the new look. The spoons overlapped with the words some, and this is quite nice. :)

  2. I love the new look!

    I can honestly say I've never heard of bear capicola, but it certainly sounds interesting. (Wish we had interesting things here. The strangest thing you'll see here is gator jerky.) You can always try it on pizza. It's somewhat pepperoni-like, so why not? : )