Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Our tomatoes are having the best year they've ever had despite a little more neglect than i'd personally like to own up to.  We never got around to buying cages and they were in some serious need of both weeding and staking.  Nick fed the weeds to the chickens, he called it a salad.  They loved them tho!

Aren't they gonna be tasty when they ripen?

In the staking process, a branch was broken off of one of the plants and its poor tomatoes were almost all still green.  I tossed them in a bag with a few more ripe ones and the leftover bananas from my banana butter.  Lets hope that helps them ripen quickly.  

We have two cabbages that have been growing very slowly, but I think we'll pick them and make some halushki before we leave for the beach.  Have I shared my halushki recipe yet?  If not, I will.  

I'm sorry i haven't posted about the corn roast or Nick's red neck car repair yet.  Ill post about the car as soon as I remember to take a picture of it while Nick's actually home.  As for the corn roast, It went quite well but i forgot to take pics and im not sure there's much to say 'cept it was fun.  Would you be any chance be allayed by pics of chickens and dewy cobwebs?

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