Sunday, August 21, 2011

Poor Nick Can't Keep a Secret From Me..

... and he never has been able to.  Even as far back as our first Christmas, he couldn't keep what he had gotten me a secret.  I must admit, I think his transparentness is completely adorable.  Is there any better sign of a completely whipped devoted and honest man?

This evening, I was putting away china.  We'd had dinner guests this weekend and I never pass up a chance to haul out the good stuff.  After all, why have it if you don't use it?  I noticed there were only 3 regular dinner plates in the dining room and went looking for the fourth.  This is what I found in a less-used corner of the kitchen:

No lying, my first reaction was anger.  I recognize that this can happen when you have (breakable) things and choose to use them anyways (or why have them?), but you wouldn't believe how many times i'd tried to impress on him to be careful with the good stuff.  Then, I reminded myself that A. that's why we got service for 12, and B. we're fortunate that our pattern is still being made.  I was still angry but it took me a little while to figure out why, then it hit me: Nick, bless him, had tried to hide it from me.  Apparently his goal was to have it glued before I noticed.  Guess he didn't anticipate me putting the dishes away?  It was kinda cute when i realized he really thought he could get it past me.  Of course, we'll glue the plate back together and put it to some use, but a plate cracked completely in half probably shouldn't be trusted with food again.  Enter,

OOoohh... A sale to boot.  It's our lucky day.  Of course, due to 'po dunk shipping issues, it'll hafta get shipped to my mums, but we'll get it eventually.  No harm no foul, still a perfect service for 12.  

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  1. We have the same china- love it! I love how it isn't awful expensive if something has to get replaced. Not fun, but not awful.